How we make the magic happen

Strategic Planning

Strategy is the foundation of all of the BLISS work. We believe that solid, relevant strategic planning based on in-depth market research is at the core of any good communication. This overarching strategy is what we use as the base for planning content and social media strategies based on consumer intelligence. The end result is communication deeply rooted in the intrinsics of the brand.

Concept & Creation

Leading off the strategy, BLISS will then generate world class concepts and ideas which are then implemented with our highly skilled team of designers who can cover all of visual creativity like art direction, design, animation, video production etc. because a good idea is nothing if not executed beautifully.


BLISS is able to tackle a variety of digital products. Our main expertise lies in digital campaigns, mobile apps, rich media ads, e-commerce, corporate websites, interactive events and games.
Crafting Your Imagination

We thrive under complex challenges. For projects with difficult unknowns or which need a proof of concept to sell to your client we can use an iterative prototyping process to help you research and test various approaches before finalizing scope and methodology.

We deploy and integrate a wide variety of existing systems and solutions that serve your needs. Augmented reality, computer vision, hardware integration, big data, building scalable and future-proof systems... Nothing is beyond the reach of our team and partners.

Our team of business analysts and creative technologists will use their experience and insight to enrich your concept and achieve your goals within the limits of technology. We can also assist you by creating or optimizing the flow and wireframes of your product.

When the magic happens…

Cutting edge user experience

The web has come a long way. We master all the latest browser technologies allowing us to deliver great user experiences optimized for any platform and screen size. We employ the whole range of HTML5 technologies such as canvas, web sockets, web workers and the history API while providing backward compatibility using fallbacks and polyfills. We’ll fulfill your need for interactive, silky smooth, high visual fidelity using hardware accelerated WebGL.

Our tooling is under continuous evolution which helps us reduce costs and improve performance and maintainability of your product. Just like search engines, we care about the semantic web, making your SEO content readable and structured for both humans and robots.

Maintainable and reliable server-side technology

Our teams have experience with many kinds of server-side technolgies. Using the right tool for the job improves maintainability and reduces costs significantly while being user friendly to both content maintainer and the end-user.

Aside from development of your product, we also manage the servers and software stack your product will run on. We choose and deploy on the right hosting and compute platform that will scale to your requirements. Managing multi-server setups, setting up server-side caching, using in-memory data stores, security hardening your servers, load testing... We take special care to make sure your site performs as well as it looks.

Beyond the web experience

For some digital strategies, the web is not the best fit.
Deep knowledge of native iOS and Android development allows us to provide you with user experiences tailored to the platform use patterns. Hybrid crossplatform development can help you publish on multiple platforms at lower cost.

Quality Control

Our dedication to quality radiates throughout our process. Our well-refined quality control process will make sure your product meets all your requirements and works across all platforms. From development phase onwards, we pay close attention to the UX design and look for any possible point of improvement. Functional and unit tests are used to make sure your business logic is sound and respected. Internal code reviews and audits are done systematically.

Measuring and Optimizing

Just like you, we recognize your product is only as strong as your results. To make sure you reach your results, we set up data analytics and monitor your KPI's in detail. We set up scenario's, funnels, customer segmentation so you get to understand your client base even better. We analyze the usage and generate insights about the interaction of your customer with your product.

After gathering these insights, we suggest on how to improve conversion and set up A/B tests to iterate over possible solutions. We can help you define an SEO strategy and execute it to the finest detail. From content ideation and backlinking strategy all the way to the technical implementation.