Toyota - Hilux

    Introduction To Case

    Toyota Hilux is the most indestructible utility vehicle on earth. Entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of time when they look for a new car. Usually they first have a look on internet and compare different brands. Unfortunately, online showrooms are all the same. Factual and dry: a car you can turn around in front a boring plain background. So, by placing a Purple football supporter's Hilux in front of a Red supporters' bar (football's arch rivals in Belgium), we reinvented the interactive showroom and gave it an added layer of entertainment as well as emphasising on the car's features that despite all the effort in the world... couldn't be destroyed.

    360° interactive showroom

    The scene was shot from 14 angles which we integrated into an interactive showroom allowing you to switch camera angles at any time. A media server was finetuned to make this transition as smooth and fast as possible. During the showcase, information about the properties of the car were shown and users were invited to switch to the ideal angle to see this properties in action.


    launch project