Loxam - E-commerce Website


    LOXAM constructional webshop has been refreshed with a completely new design, mostly focuses on enhancing user experience on both mobile and desktop browsers and interaction between LOXAM and the customers and searching the nearest LOXAM agents.

    Wealth of features

    The site contains many sections and features. The core of the website is the product catalog which can be searched, filtered, compared and ordered with minimal effort. It also contains many other sections such as a loaning versus buying calculator, multiple contact forms, tips and advice, documentation and a lot more.

    Drupal 7

    The popular and reliable content management Drupal 7 and the ecommerce modules are powering the website. Contact forms improves the interaction between LOXAM and customers. The forms are separated into categories with separated organisations of responses, thanks to the advanced management mechanism of the content management system.


    With the new version of LOXAM, customers can get the bird-eye-view of the stores' location. They are now able to find the nearest stores to their specified location and flexibly generate the route to a particular store by different types of transportation: by car, bus, motorbike and on foot.

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