Lexus - Art is Motion

    Introduction To Case

    Lexus launches the IS 300h, making Lexus the first brand ever to offer only hybrid cars. Still, Lexus cars are not too well known, making this launch the perfect opportunity to change that.

    So we worked with Happiness Brussels on Lexus Art is Motion. In this world’s first experiment, a hybrid car creates an auto-generative portrait of its driver using specially developed artistic software measuring his driving style and converting this into “digital brush stroked”.

    Generative Art

    We collaborated with digital artist Sergio Albiac to create an interactive artwork of the driver. The car is fitted with sensors to measure the driver’s behavior. Using this input, the custom software generates a realtime generative portrait by changing the style of brush stroke precision, style and the color palette used.

    Showcase website

    Bliss developed a website for this campaign containing information about the artist, car, and driver. A gallery was developed displaying all the portraits that were generated by the car.


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