JIM Mobile - Stay in the Rain


    In Belgium it rains a lot, and when it rains during the summer, young people get bored and they'll definetely grab their smartphones. This summer, when it rains, it pours data, free data. All they have to do is stay in the rain.

    Realtime weather data

    JIM mobile launched a new web app for mobile. After sign-in, either through email or facebook, users can start collecting water. When there's a rain nearby, open the app and catch it. The water pipe in the app will slowly rises and can later be redeemed for free data. The more water users collected, the more data they can get..


    The location services of Android and iOS were then used to check if it is raining at the users location. The precipitation API of Forecast was then used to get the amount of rain in the area of the user.

    launch project