Gouden Gids - See What You Miss

    Introduction To Case

    Seewhatyoumiss.be (ziewatjemist.be) is a sales generating and supporting platform. With a simple visualization of what is actually complex data, it shows SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) the impact of their presence on goldenpages.be. Just by adding their region and profession the SME’s see exactly how many people have been searching for their business online, and thus how many potential clients they are missing by not advertising on goudengids.be.

    For Tablet or Mobile

    The seewhatyoumiss website is accessible on both mobile and tablet. What started out as an extra help turned out to be the sales people’s number 1 tool when going on a sales pitch. The mobile devices are key to closing the deal.

    Database integration

    To make sure the right numbers are always shown, Bliss had to take several different complicated databases into account and link them correctly, based on numerous factors such as location and sub locations, professions’ overall and the number of actual searches on the goldenpages.be platform.

    launch project