Gouden Gids - 100 Golden Days

    Introduction To Case

    With the “100 Golden Days” campaign for goldenpages.be we highlighted the brand’s proposition of being a local search engine.

    A total of 50 hidden cameras were placed in different towns and captured hilarious sketches on the most recognizable areas. Doing so they were easily recognizable for the locals as well as the local salespeople of goldenpages.be. During 100 days people could go to the web platform to answer the same question: “Where is ...” on the goldenpages.be search engine. Every single day 1 participant could win €100.

    This push/pull strategy motivated their own salespeople, local businesses and users to go to goldenpages.be for their local searches.

    For Tablet or Mobile

    The biggest push of the campaign was TV. Therefore we made sure the web platform with the contest was easily accessible as a second screen via mobile and tablet. The whole campaign was supported via online bannering.

    launch project