Eristoff - Drop That Beat


    It is a satisfying feeling to know exactly when an electronic dance track will drop. Drop that Beat makes the concept come true as an online game for individual players to enjoy or bringing players together as a group to challenge themselves.

    Single- and multiplayer

    With Drop that beat, every individual player can virtually participate in a music concert and show-of their knowledge of the music genre by indicating where the beat drops. Player can drop the beat by just holding and releasing a button. The players can participate both in single and multiplayer mode. In the multiplayer mode the browser will communicate with the server over websockets to minimize the latency of the drop. The best players were invited to go to big music events in Belgium and Holland.

    Live event

    Even more exciting than the online mode was the live event. We developed a special version which Eristoff deployed on festivals to invite a group of people to compete in real life while a DJ was playing. All the mechanisms of settings up the game sessions and setting the drop are handled perfectly under-the-hood so that players can stay focused on what they want to do most: enjoying the music, feeling the crowded atmosphere and trying to drop the correct beat.

    Realtime technology

    The technology to manage groups of players is using which has been the solution to architect most of realtime chat functions, providing a bi-directional communication channel between a client and a server. This means that the server can push messages to clients. Whenever the user does a specified action, the idea is that the server will get it and push it to all other connected clients.

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